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5 tips when buying an apartment in Istanbul

Posted by Ahmed Kamal on September 7, 2019
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Tips when buying an apartment in Turkey

Real estate investment is one of the best and surest types of investment compared to all other types of investments, especially in Turkey, thanks to the many facilities and incentives provided by the Turkish government to those who wish to invest in real estate
Citizens and foreigners, making the real estate market a prime destination for those who want to invest real estate guaranteed and effective

In a statement to Mr. Chaghri Boayaz, Director of Sales, Hurriyet Amlak, he spoke about the factors that should be taken into consideration when buying a house, from choosing the right location, construction characteristics, and other important matters, as well as the need to pay attention to the characteristics of residential properties that have achieved The best investment for those who have invested in it, which proved to be an investment success for investors, and the cities that constituted the best sources of real estate investment during 2018, because the right choice is an important reason for a successful real estate investment.

Things to pay attention to when buying a property

The most important tips when buying an apartment in Istanbul are the following points:

The characteristics of the building: The age of the building and its location plays an important role in choosing the right property or apartment, and is at the forefront of the things to pay attention to.
Choose a place under development: Real estate in an area under development is gaining in value over a short period of time, because the areas under development increase the price of their properties with the progress of time and the increase in demand.
Avoid crowded areas: Because crowded and central areas are very expensive, if you want to get a property with better features and a lower price, you should move away from the center a bit.
Investing in a property in a central area will make significant profits in the long run.
The demand for apartments in dynamic and crowded areas is higher than in remote areas,
Less crowded areas are well stocked and offer investors attractive and attractive prices.

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