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8 important tips to live in a safe house in Turkey

Posted by Ahmed Kamal on October 7, 2019
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Our homes are one of the most important places in our lives, and keeping them safe is one of the most important topics that we are keen to fulfill their right, and some people may consider that providing the conditions of accommodation in a safe house is difficult or sometimes expensive, but some tips and observations with the following safety procedures may Provides its followers with a certain amount of security and tranquility in his residence, or even if he leaves his home for a vacation, travel or the like.

 Today, we will provide some tips that are easy to implement, and at the same time cost-effective, yet they are significant tips in strengthening the security of our homes, even if we use security systems and technologies:

Be aware of your posts on social media

Sharing pictures and daily life stories that may indicate that we are out of the house can be a declaration that the house is free of thieves without being felt.

Check the doors and windows

Checking the stability of windows and doors, and ensuring that they are securely closed, is critical to obtaining a safe home and keeping your property safe.

We may always be neglected, especially when we get out of the house, or when we are busy with a specific date that we want to catch up with, so we should not leave anything to worry about making sure that all doors and windows are closed when we leave our homes and lock them tightly.

Change passwords regularly

The frequent change of the password, or the bell code, has a major role in preventing its use or knowledge by others, so this can make a significant contribution to keeping your home safe and secure.

Always calibrate the alarm

We may neglect to put the alarm code when we get out of the house sometimes, and this should not happen for any reason, as the thief may wait for the house to be vacant even for a few minutes to get his intended and get out quickly, as some of these thefts may occur within a few minutes, so We must not forget to put the alarm code at every exit from the house, however short the exit period.

Always check the exterior of your home

As we stay in homes for long periods of time, we often get used to its shape and appearance, and sometimes we do not pay attention to some changes that may constitute a security gap that may disturb the security of the house; permanently.

It is advisable to organize a register for valuables

A list of the valuables in the house will have a major impact in facilitating their finding by the police if they are reported stolen and lost.

Pay attention to suspicious people

Thieves usually survey the house to be stolen a few days before the theft, so you should step up precautionary measures against anyone you frequently see around the house or any stranger you see in the ocean.

In conclusion:

The smart home system, supported by protection systems, especially within modern residential complexes that take a set of integrated security measures, allows residents a high level of security, through the deployment of control beams in all corners of the project, and devote a number of employees to monitor the protection systems and follow-up services, as well as By controlling the entry of foreigners into the buildings and verifying them and the owner of the house that the stranger visits, this makes the security system a place of comfort and reassurance for anyone who wants to get a safe house, especially those who travel for long periods, and leave their homes behind them. In this environment, they have a lot of real security.

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