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Are prefabricated apartments cheaper than apartments under construction?

Posted by Ahmed Kamal on September 13, 2019
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Frequently asked questions of first-time buyers are whether to buy a ready-made or under construction and what is the difference between them, in this article we will explain the advantages and disadvantages of each and what advise you when buying.

First we start with ready-made property:

The definition of a ready-made property is a property that has ended its construction period and processing all its papers and is livable immediately after buying it. You buy it without any differences or differences and the property is also ready to live in the sense that you can transport and live it once you buy it or you can rent it.
The disadvantages of ready-made property is in terms of investment may be the property has passed on more than one person when you buy the property is expensive in addition to that when you sell it the price margin is very small, in addition to the age of the property has passed 7 or 10 years of use. In addition to the payment phase, cash is free from any installment, so buying a ready-made property from an investment point of view is not recommended for you because of the low profit margin.

Government facilities in Turkey have led to an increase in real estate offers that will facilitate ownership.January 2018 witnessed a reduction in real estate prices according to offers submitted by construction companies by 1 percent, which is not a small percentage, especially considering the Real estate in major cities such as: Istanbul and Ankara. According to experts in the real estate sector, the process of (selling and building) was previously cheaper and more advantageous for the benefit of the buyer, but the situation has changed at the moment, where the process (building and selling) has become the highest profit for the customer.

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