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Bahcesehir, Istanbul – the stunning gardens area – everything you need to know about it, life in it, education and all life facilities

Posted by be2be on December 24, 2019
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If you are one of the people interested in (real estate ownership) in Turkey, then you must have heard of the Bahçeşehir region, whose name has become widely used in previous periods due to its advantages and location, which made it a distinctive attraction for many investors, and for (real estate investment) companies.

Bahcesehir region or its Turkish meaning (the city of gardens) is considered one of the most beautiful areas of urban expansion extending west of Istanbul, located in the European section of Istanbul and was affiliated to the municipality of Basaksehir, northwest of Kucukcekmece Lake (Istanbul Lesser Lake)

Location of the region

Bahçeşehir region (or the Garden City), also known as the Amazing City, is located at a strategic point northwest of Kucukcekmece Lake, and was first opened to housing by the Collective Housing Department of the Presidency of the Turkish Cabinet, through the construction of a series of pilot real estate projects.

The region includes many modern and huge residential projects suitable for all tastes and requirements.

The Bahçeşehir region is also characterized by the abundance of green spaces in it and the gardens scattered in it, which give wonderful views of most of the apartments in it, in addition to its central location between the two airports of Ataturk (and the new Istanbul third airport) and the presence of many future Turkish government projects, such as the (Istanbul Canal) project that will end By 2023 and the presence of (Istanbul III) near it, all these future projects will contribute to raising the price of real estate within the region and will make it the most suitable investment option.
The Bahçeşehir region was previously a region of villas to which the finest Turkish families come to spend vacation periods due to its location away from the noise of the city and the large number of green spaces within it that give it a calm and relaxing character.

In recent years, (Turkish government projects) and private companies’ projects have expanded in the region, and many projects that bear the character, modern urban design, amenities, and security have emerged … In addition to the presence of shops, offices, schools, and public transportation, the region has become more like a small city in its own right.

This, in turn, made it a magnet for (real estate investors) and the high turnout led to it (the price of real estate) in the region, especially with the start of the (Istanbul Canal) project, which will have many residential projects on its outskirts .. The state also seeks to deliver (the metro line ) During the coming period, he will serve the region and link it to all areas of Istanbul. The price of a real estate meter is 5,000 Turkish liras per meter, after it was 1,500 Turkish liras per meter in the previous six years.

Transportation to the Bahcesehir region

The concentration of the area between Ataturk airports (and the new Istanbul airport) was an important factor for the construction of the subway line, which will facilitate and speed up the time to reach it, as the Turkish government made a great effort to make access to Bahcesehir a month that does not take much time, and provided comfortable public transportation networks for citizens and started recently The excavation works for the subway, which will connect the Esenyurt, Bahçeşehir and Ispartakule region to Mahmoud Bey and will reach the center of Istanbul for Sisli (Majidiye Koy) with a length of 16 km covering 9 stations and take 18 minutes, and it will be connected to the Marmaray metro line that will connect the European side to the Asian side.

Services in the Bahçeşehir region

Bahjah Shaheer area contains many social facilities and services, whether in terms of cultural centers and schools of all levels, or in terms of health centers and hospitals.

In addition to providing entertainment services such as gardens, theaters, shopping centers (commercial malls) and many restaurants and cafes, the most important of these are:
1- Bahcesehir Bazar: which displays all Turkish products and goods of food – vegetables and fruits – and all foods in addition to all daily necessities, which opens five days a week.
2- Gulet Park: It is considered one of the largest parks in Istanbul and is intended for residents not only from a popular delight but from all regions of Istanbul to enjoy the splendor of the landscape as it extends over large green areas, and it includes water lakes that give it a unique view, in addition to the presence of places dedicated to children’s games. Cafés and cafes.
3- Akbati Mall: One of the largest malls in Istanbul is distinguished by its beautiful and contemporary design, it includes many shops for all international brands, with a full section for restaurants and cafes, and places for children’s games, with parking lots, and the presence of a field around the center that includes dozens of cafes of famous Turkish brands.

Why real estate investment in the Bahcesehir region?

Due to the beauty of nature and the vastness of green areas, it is one of the most distant areas of Istanbul inhabited by high-class people because of its calmness and organized urban character.

Projects options in the region vary between apartment complexes and villa complexes with great views, in addition to the presence of residential complexes that include (commercial stores) and apartments (offices) system, where in recent years the percentage of modern (housing projects) established on them, whether projects belonging to private Turkish companies or projects with a guarantee The Turkish government, which increased the demand for it and increased the ratio of supply and demand, and thus the restoration of real estate capital has become estimated at 15 years, according to studies conducted by experts (real estate investment), and an investment return estimated at 7% annually of the total property price, and the average price per square meter 5 thousand liras Turkish .
In addition to the emergence of many modern housing projects, work has started on the (subway line), which will soon reach the area. This, in turn, will contribute (to a rise in the real estate price) in the coming years.

Schools in Bahcesehir

Whether Turkey is the country of residence for many foreigners for a while or it will be a new option for living and moving to it, there are several basic matters that the resident is looking for to ensure stability and harmony within Turkey.

As Turkey has become a target and destination for many foreign families in recent years, it has been necessary to find schools and educational places suitable for all ages and levels, and accordingly many Arab and international schools have been opened that suit all nationalities arriving in Istanbul. Such as the Jordanian School, the Saudi School, the Iraqi School, and the Libyan School. In addition to international schools that are concerned with teaching the English language in internationally accredited curricula such as the British, American, and Canadian schools.
The schools were not concentrated in certain areas, but not others, but expanded to cover all the old and modern neighborhoods and areas of Istanbul.

Since the modern urban expansion extends west of the city to include several areas with urban designs that keep pace with the requirements of the times, with full family services within compounds dedicated to family housing, it was necessary to provide an educational environment for the residents of those areas to feel safe when there are schools close to the places of residence.

Among the most important schools in Bahjah Shaheer:
1- Istanbul Libyan School: which studies the Libyan curriculum and is located in an area that includes more than ten housing complexes and public transport connections.
2- Al-Manara International School: which teaches the Libyan curriculum
3- Libyan Knowledge Judgment School: It studies the Libyan curriculum

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