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Important statistics and figures about the r...

Jun 19, 2020
Turkey has witnessed a broad civilizational and urban renaissance during the past years
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Residential complexes in Istanbul

Jun 15, 2020
There are many investment projects in Turkey, because the housing complexes in Istanbul are considered one of the m [more]
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Istanbul channel in light of the spread of C...

Mar 31, 2020
The Turkish Ministry of Transport and Communications said that the work related to the Istanbul Canal project is co [more]
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Divisions of the administrative city of Ista...

Feb 25, 2020
The city of Istanbul is divided into 39 districts, distributed as shown in the following figure It consists of two [more]
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Erdogan Turkey’s first European in Agr...

Nov 28, 2019
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that his country is ranked European in the European level and seventh i [more]
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China’s largest investment in Turkey

Oct 30, 2019
At a time when the relationship between Turkey and the United States is
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Turkey ranks 16th in the world in “gold rese...

Oct 21, 2019
Turkey rose to 16th place in the world gold reserves, after its reserves
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Advantages of Sisli area in Istanbul and its...

Oct 19, 2019
Sisli is one of the most important tourist areas in European Istanbul, located near the Taksim area, 2 km from it, [more]
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Does Istanbul International Airport affect r...

Oct 16, 2019
Today, Istanbul plays an active role as a global hub connecting the East and the West through the new Istanbul Inte [more]
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Mistakes made by the real estate investor

Oct 10, 2019
There are some mistakes that must be avoided in order to obtain a profitable
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