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Important statistics and figures about the real estate stock in Turkey

Posted by be2be on June 19, 2020
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Turkey has witnessed a broad civilizational and urban renaissance during the past years, which opened the way for foreign investors from everywhere in the world to come to and invest in it, after it provided them with competitive investment opportunities with high advantages and high profits rates from investment in other countries, and the real estate investment field is one of the most important The investment sectors and the most prosperous in Turkey, the real estate stock in the Republic of Turkey has reached its highest levels during the first quarter of 2020, and in this article we will talk about the numbers and through the most important statistics about what has reached the field of urban and real estate investment in Turkey, so that we can know together the size of promising opportunities in this sector.
Distribution of market shares for residential apartments in Turkey

The platform Endeksa.com, which is specialized in digital statistics of the Turkish real estate market, has addressed through its platform some numbers about the real estate stock in Turkey, and based on data updated periodically, the real estate stock of apartments in the month of January 2020 in the whole of Turkey more than 900 thousand apartments , Distributed at the state level in 81 Turkish states, and Istanbul came in the forefront with the lion’s share of the real estate stock of apartments, which contains 260 thousand housing units.

After that, the capital, Ankara, came in second place, in which the number of residential apartments confined to the real estate stock reached 130 thousand and 3 apartments. As for Izmir, which came in third place, the number of residential apartments reached 76 thousand and 44 units, then the state of Antalya and the state of Bursa, in contrast, it was the state Hakkari contains the lowest share of the apartments stock, so its share was only 35 housing units.

Why real estate and urban investment in Turkey grows?

The real estate investment sector is a huge and growing sector in Turkey, and this is for several reasons in the forefront of which are the strength and development of infrastructure in Turkey, the distinct facilities of legislation and laws for investment and banking transactions, and government support for foreign investors, and the high population in Turkey has opened wider prospects for a strong and prosperous market , As the population of Turkey reached 82 million.

Also, being a tourist country and attracting tens of millions of tourists annually, this helped the growth of other sectors, as well as the stability of Turkey at the political and economic level stimulated investors to invest in it, and the turmoil and wars in some countries of the region have made Turkey a destination of stability for many Arab families, In addition to that, the advantages granted to anyone who buys or invests in real estate, such as obtaining permanent real estate residence or obtaining Turkish citizenship in the event that the price of the property is estimated at 250 thousand dollars, all of this was one of the motivating reasons towards increasing the growth and development of real estate investment fields in Turkey

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