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Important Tips Before Buying or Selling a Property in Turkey

Posted by Ahmed Kamal on September 19, 2019
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Required conditions when buying a property

1-Eligibility and full satisfaction of the parties:

The parties to the contract must be eligible for the real estate sale contract, so that they are adults, with a level of awareness to understand the meaning of the contract.
They reach the legal age of entering into this contract only through adult legal representatives.

The consent and acceptance of the parties to conclude this contract shall be apparent upon the signing of the contract, and also through the contract itself.

2 – legal real estate

The property must be registered in the land registry in order to avoid loss of rights in forward sales contracts.

3-Clarity of the price of the property

The property and its price shall be stated in the contract. This is also one of the conditions that give the contract its legal status.

4 – Type of property and validity of ownership

The property subject to the contract of sale must be one of the types of properties available for ownership according to Turkish law.

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