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Residential complexes in Istanbul

Posted by be2be on June 15, 2020
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There are many investment projects in Turkey, because the housing complexes in Istanbul are considered one of the most important real estate investment points in them, because they contain modern infrastructure and technical services, and a distinguished geographical location between the continents of Asia and Europe, in addition to the existence of a huge transportation network that connects the city from its beginning to its end.

The advantages of housing units lie in the degree of isolation so that they are surrounded by walls and a main gate for entry, which gives the complex privacy to its residents, and these complexes are secured with guard that gives you and your children a feeling of security and safety when entering and leaving the complex, and the services that are provided inside this complex secure the needs of all residents From shopping, a sports playground, adult fitness games and other games for children, as the unification of the architectural form adds beauty and an advantage to other complexes, and each residential complex contains recreational places that are specific to only the residents of this complex, and each housing unit has a private parking lot for the owners of the housing so they do not have to To put their cars away from home and stay safe, the vast gardens and green spaces in the complexes also add a degree of comfort and privacy to enjoying nature away from the crowds in public places. The complex also provides transportation for the residents of the housing complex, from it to the nearest point of public transportation

In talking about the types of housing units within the complex, we start with the most important and the most demanded by the tenants, which are the apartments that often consist of one or more rooms in addition to the residential services, including a bathroom, kitchen and salon, while duplexes are two apartments but are connected to each other with an internal staircase, while the girl House, which is on the highest floor in the complex, has an annex with a swimming pool, a small garden, and some advantages, while the second type of housing unit is villas, where many wealthy people around the world tend to purchase distinctive villas that overlook the sea or tourist places in Turkey to provide It has the means of safety, independence, comfort and enjoyment of wide green spaces and there are many entertainment services available, usually the prices of these villas and palaces are very expensive, and the prices of these villas and palaces are determined

According to its location, quality, area, design, decoration and views, whether it is on the sea or near tourist places, it is divided into three types, which are the townhouses in which the houses that have a garden are defined and are adjacent to the houses in a row, while the twin house is divided between two properties, each with the entrance and the garden Its own, and the third type, which is completely separate and called the detached villa, is a gate, garden, and fence surrounding it for its owner, and it can consist of more than one floor according to the engineering design of its owner.

In conclusion, it is necessary to mention the mechanism of choosing the most suitable investment complex that corresponds to our requirements so that the quality of the project and social facilities is of a high level, and likewise he should pay attention to the absence of legal problems in the apartments, and the price must be compatible with the quality and prices of other projects
We can also say that reaching the degree of luxury lies in obtaining your independence within a modern residential complex, so you are distinguished from others by being in a luxurious, upscale, large and secure residence, and there are many services of the complex that you can benefit from at any time and however you want, in addition to services Protection, security, green spaces and games that suit all age groups within the complex

Despite the many types of residential homes in Turkey, it is considered one of the advantages of the Turkish real estate, suitable for all levels of living from ordinary housing to luxurious or even popular housing, in addition to the types of apartments that suit all needs, some of them need them for office purposes such as companies, investment or living stability or Even commercial and industrial ends

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