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The advantages of buying a property in Turkey and the reasons for attracting it to Arab investments advantages

Posted by be2be on December 10, 2018
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For Turkey, the importance of the property as a safe haven is increasing for many reasons, including for the investors themselves, including those connected with the official Turkish orientations and the government policy of attracting foreign investments.

The following are the main reasons why the real estate in Turkey is one of the most attractive investments:

  • Real Estate Turkey is a safe environment for long term investments

You should know that a foreign investor in any market outside his country is looking for long-term stability. He has not moved his money out of his country’s borders for time limited investments. Some investors may leave their countries if the investment is threatened or the economy is down or even stagnant. Therefore, Turkey’s real estate is shown mainly as a successful alternative to investments emerging from unsafe and long-term markets, which enhances investment opportunities in Turkey.

  • The Turkish laws are attractive to attracting foreign investments

so we always see the issuance of many decrees and laws that encourage real estate investment in Turkey, in addition to the amendments to the current laws and the governmental efforts to ease and facilitate the procedure of owning real estate in Turkey for foreigners, Turkey

  • Turkey is living politically and socially stable and is ideal compared to the surrounding and regional situations

And even compared to the Turkish situation itself several years ago, especially that Turkey has lived many difficult examinations at the level of security and stability, and Turkey has exceeded these crises quickly and succeeded in maintaining the balance and stability, until it reached safety after the transition to the presidential system, where saw Only a month after the presidential election, the demand for property by foreigners reached an increase of 130% in August and about 151% in September compared to last year’s figures in the same two months, primarily Istanbul properties, It always makes it better For investment places in Turkey

  • In addition to the great confidence and mutual trust between Turkey and Middle East investors,

Where several studies and economic statistics indicate that more than 80% of the investors in the Middle East and the Arabs in particular favor investment in Turkey, while at the same time we find that Turkey does not miss a chance to present its real estate projects in the Gulf and Arab exhibitions, otherwise it participated strongly.

  • Real estate is the best solution in the face of exchange rate fluctuations

The Turkish real estate has proved its steadfastness against the fluctuations of the Turkish lira exchange rate. All the real estate prices, which are priced in Turkish lira or the dollar for 8 months, are fixed and change upwards, against the exchange rate of the lira to Declined in this period to lose the pound about 40% to 50% of its value in front of foreign currencies.

The decrease in the value of the Turkish lira was beneficial to those who bought real estate in Turkish lira by installments and have money in other currencies. Many of them started to transfer the amounts required to pay the installments, taking advantage of the 40% reduction and early payment discounts.

  • Real estate is the only economic sector benefiting from high inflation

Another characteristic of real estate investment is that it is the economic sector that is positively affected by high inflation, quite the opposite of paper currencies that are adversely affected by inflation. The more inflation in a country, the worse it will affect the economic sector.

In terms of real estate, inflation means increasing demand for real estate in Turkey as well as increasing the demand for rental properties. The increase in demand means automatically increase the offers of real estate, as real estate companies begin to build their new projects based on demand indicators of the property, Supply is directly affected by rising inflation.

Many non-real estate investments may lose due to increased inflation especially in a country experiencing economic wars or crises, so the best option for owners of these funds is to hire them in real estate.

Turkey has recently jumped to 24% in one of the highest rates in 15 years. This will negatively impact the Turkish lira and bank deposits, while it will positively affect the real estate market in Turkey, especially in the area of ​​leasing. Higher cost.

“The rate of inflation affects real estate rents that are adjusted periodically with them, as rents are rising faster than building materials, costs and costs that include building and equipping the property, which provides a good income for property owners,” says financial analyst Dan Aronson. Rent on real estate in Turkey in October 2018 is about 21%, which means greater profits for real estate investors, and therefore all this in the field of increasing the advantages of buying a property in Turkey and turn it from an idea in the mind of the investor to the goal and a profit opportunity do not miss.

  • Real estate investment is the best investment in stagnant or falling markets

Many real estate experts advise in periods of stagnation or decline in economic markets to resort to real estate as an alternative and guaranteed financial portfolio, since it is common knowledge that the property does not die and is satisfactory, since investment in real estate can not be a losing investment even in the worst economic conditions, The investor must realize that he needs long periods of time to prove his property’s ability to achieve the desired profits.

As the real estate link is often weak with the local market, is not affected by the rise or fall, the price of the property is linked to the speed of capital turnover for construction companies, and this is often achieved by the companies before the completion of the construction of the real estate project by selling installments and restricted construction, Its location and area, etc., which determine its value away from the fluctuations of the economic market.

This advantage of buying a property in Turkey puts the investor in front of a safe financial portfolio called: “real estate in Turkey”

  • The real estate sector in Turkey is mainly associated with the tourism and labor sectors

In addition to the advantages of purchasing a property in Turkey, the close link between the tourist attraction in Turkey and the need for tourists to live in the houses and houses in them also enhances the opportunities for real estate investment in Turkey, as tourist properties bring higher returns and the more tourists the more demand Real estate and apartments for rent in Turkey more, making the owners of tourist real estate in a position of strength, especially owners of hotel apartments or furnished apartments.

In addition to tourist accommodation, tourist restaurants and luxury cafes are also active in tourist areas and the acquisition of a restaurant in the vicinity of the Bosphorus Bridge in Istanbul is one of the most profitable tourism projects.

Turkey’s tourism rates are increasing day by day and are active in all the Turkish states. However, Istanbul, as usual, is at the forefront of attracting tourists and the best investment place in Turkey, Antalya, Bursa, Izmir and Trabzon, in addition to many important tourist stations on the coast of the Mediterranean. Mugla is also an important tourist spot in Turkey.

In addition to tourism, attracting Turkey to foreign workers is also a factor in increasing the demand for buying real estate in Turkey. People need offices, companies, shops and other commercial properties in addition to their natural need for housing is uninterrupted. Investment opportunities have grown.

  • Turkish real estate projects ensure continued supply movement in exchange for demand to buy real estate in Turkey

Turkey is witnessing projects in the development of infrastructure and the development of new projects, which will increase the prices of real estate in Turkey, especially in the areas of such projects, while at the same time may open a real estate revolution projects, such as the Istanbul Canal project, which will be fully ready In the year 2023 will see the construction of a new city, including the city of high-end neighborhoods and modern transport and mosques, the role of culture and theaters, cinemas, gardens, playgrounds, swimming pools and markets.

Other projects are the growth and growth of real estate prices in Turkey, such as Istanbul Grand Airport. It will also represent an ideal jump in real estate prices in Bahchi Shahir and a popular Istanbul kiosk, given the proximity of the two regions to the new airport.

Turkey is also witnessing projects for the development of many states, especially the state of Ghazi Antep because of the Arab demand for proximity to the East geographically and socially, the new government projects in the state to increase the attractions in the real estate.

In recent times, foreigners have been asking questions about ownership apartments in Turkey because they, especially experts, realize that the real estate sector has become a safe portfolio of funds and long-term investments away from market volatility, swing prices and bank deposit risk.

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