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The most important types of real estate bonds – Tabu – in Turkey

Posted by be2be on January 22, 2019
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Many people who are interested in buying property in Turkey are concerned about title, types, the importance and the difference between these types to guarantee their rights

Be2Be Team provides you with all the information you need and you can contact us for more details

Real Estate Appraisal Bond (kat irtifak)

This stamp certifies the right of the real estate owner in the owning his real estate either its completed or under construction, this stamp stating the location and number of the real estate in every part on it, this stamp is a pre tabu certificate

ownership tabu (kat mülkiyeti)

This tabu contains information about the building area, the number of floors, the part of the owner of the block, the number of this part, and on any floor that is located. This stamp confirms the transfer of ownership of the property to the person concerned.

Transferable Property (Devre mülk)

Is the ownership of the property for a limited period per year, for example 122 days a year, and is commonly used in holiday properties.

Land ownership tabu suitable for construction or agricultural land “ARSA”

Properties are registered as empty plots valid or unfit for construction.

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