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Turkish citizenship Question and Answer – All that comes to your mind about Turkish citizenship

Posted by be2be on December 11, 2019
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Question: How to obtain Turkish citizenship?

Answer: When you buy real estate with a value of at least $ 250,000, you can apply to the General Directorate of Land Registry and Land Registry (Land Registry Office), and claim Turkish citizenship. Next, the evaluation report and bank transfer documents are verified. The Real Estate Registry Office (Tapu) gives approval for citizenship over a period of 3 to 7 days. With this citizenship approval, we apply to the Immigration Office on the same day without waiting for an appointment to obtain a residence permit. After obtaining approval and residency, we finally submit the application to the General Directorate of Population and Nationality on the same day. After that, all operations are followed in the private citizenship information office in Istanbul and Ankara. From here, citizenship is acknowledged within 30 days.

Question: How can I calculate the exchange rate of the US dollar and the Turkish lira?

Answer: On the date of the request, the tapu office calculates the value from the selling price of the Turkish Central Bank (efektif satış kuru).

Question: How long does this process take?

Answer: takes up to 30 days. The government opened a naturalization office to reduce time.

Question: Is there anything that requires attention and knowledge?

Answer: The Ministry wants to ensure that the value is not less than 250,000 USD. Sworn real estate appraisers verify that the price is correct to prevent price fraud. Appraisers may have a deviation (difference) of up to 20% from its sales price. Therefore, Be2Be Real estate consulting recommends purchasing a property that has this evaluation.
When you buy a property through Be2Be Real Estate Consulting, we guarantee that the price of the property is the same as the evaluation price carried out by the competent body by the Turkish government.

Question: Is there any requirement for an interview or examination at any stage?

Answer: no.

Question: Will I be granted citizenship automatically when I meet the conditions?

Answer: No, citizenship approval relies on checking archive records for National Security units that the applicant does not pose any threat to national security.

Question: It seems complicated to apply for and obtain Turkish citizenship. Will I get help completing transactions?

Answer: Our Be2Be expert team will be with you to guide you throughout the process. We guarantee 100% happiness for our customers on their journey to reaching their dream homes since 2004.

Question: I do not have time to come to Turkey. How can I get Turkish citizenship?

Answer: If you send a power of attorney to Be2Be, we will follow all procedures for you from start to finish.

Answer: If you send a power of attorney to Be2Be, we will follow all procedures for you from start to finish.

Answer: When you buy a minimum of $ 250,000, you can apply for Turkish citizenship with a document proving the applicant’s statelessness. (United Nations travel document.)

Question: Since the citizenship process may take two months. Do I get a residence permit during the application process?

Answer: A residence permit (No.: 6458/31-J) is granted to you and your family. We obtain a residence permit on the same day after real estate approval without any waiting time.

Question: Do I need to complete Turkish military service if I become a Turkish citizen?

Answer: There are several answers. Your child is under the age of 18 “, when he reaches the age of military service, he will have to serve the military. Depending on the conditions for dual citizenship you can choose between the two countries. If you have already completed military service, you may need proof of that. For people over the age of 22 Generally, when applying, you must ask if there is a special case in the General Administration of Population and Citizenship to obtain the appropriate information.

Question: Which nationalities are entitled to apply for a Turkish passport?

Answer: All nationalities who are able to purchase real estate in Turkey may apply for Turkish citizenship by investment.

Question: Is it necessary to live in Turkey to obtain citizenship?

Answer: no.

Question: Is it possible to obtain dual citizenship in Turkey?

Answer: Yes, Turkey allows dual citizenship, but you should check with your consulate regarding your original nationality because some countries like India, China and Saudi Arabia do not recognize or impose certain restrictions regarding dual nationality.

Question: Are there other alternatives to Turkish citizenship?

Answer: If your budget is not sufficient to obtain Turkish citizenship by investment, you can apply for a Turquoise Card. The turquoise card works like the green card for the United States. This card grants its holders all the rights of a Turkish citizen except for the right to vote and compulsory military service for men.

Question: Should I buy one property for at least $ 250,000, or can it be more than one?

Answer: You can buy many properties with a total value of more than $ 250,000. You need to apply for all properties at the same time. Tapu office accepts citizenship requests if the declared values are above $ 250,000.

Question: If I buy a property under construction and I do not get a title deed in my name, can I apply for citizenship?

Answer: Yes, the government accepts an obligation to purchase a notarized property, too. If the payment is more than $ 250,000, you can apply with a commitment to purchase a notarized property for citizenship.

Question: Can I buy property in installments, can I get Turkish citizenship?

Answer: Yes, if you have an obligation to purchase a notarized property, and if you have paid installments after the date of 19.09.2018 through the bank and if the total payments exceed $ 250,000, you can apply for Turkish citizenship.

Question: I bought property in Turkey before. Can I apply for citizenship now?

Answer: Title deeds (at Tapu’s office) after 18.09.2018 may obtain Turkish citizenship by investment. For example, you have purchased a property but have not yet registered the title deed on your behalf and continue to pay the premiums. Each batch after September 19, 2018 is important to apply for citizenship.

Question: Can I buy commercial real estate with rental income and obtain Turkish citizenship by investment?

Answer: Yes, any property that you buy will be counted.

Question: What is the responsibility of the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization?

Answer: The Ministry verifies that the value stated in the title deed is correct and that it is above $ 250,000 with sworn appraisers. All property value must be paid by bank transfer to the real estate seller.

Question: How do you obtain Turkish citizenship through the investment fund, and what are the procedures followed?

Answer: After purchasing a REIF over $ 500,000, you can apply through your bank (Halkbank, İş Bank, Akbank, or QNB Finansbank). It is one of the fastest ways to obtain Turkish citizenship. This form is sent to the Capital Markets Council of Turkey. We receive from the bank a “citizenship approval document” which is mandatory to invest in the citizenship application fund. Be2Be Real Estate Consulting provides you with assistance in collecting / filling in all the required documents. Finally, the request is sent to the General Directorate of Population and Citizenship Affairs and your presence is requested for the final signature.

Question: Will my family acquire Turkish citizenship?

Answer: yes. You, your wife (or your husband) and all of your children under the age of 18 (at the date of application) may obtain citizenship.

Question: I have a (disabled) child over the age of 18? What about his condition?

Answer: Your child, unable to take care of himself, becomes Turkish citizens with their parents with special application documents proving their status.

Question: Is all family members of the applicant required to be present in Turkey at any stage?

Answer: No, the applicant must be only with all the documents required for his family members.

Question: How many people are allowed to apply for a single title deed?

Answer: Only one person and his family are first degree and can obtain citizenship.

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