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What is the turquoise card in Turkey? Everything you may need to know about it

Posted by be2be on January 2, 2020
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Issuance of a turquoise card in Turkey (Turkuaz Kart in Turkish), as it will be granted to highly skilled foreign workers looking to move to the country. It is the green card in the USA.

Turquoise card is an amendment to the international workforce law. It does not replace the standard work permits for foreigners, but rather adds to it another level for applicants who will contribute in their areas of expertise or by investing in the Turkish economy.

What is the Turkish Turkish Card?

The two most important items that distinguish the turquoise card from the usual work permit is that the turquoise card system gives applicants the rights that citizens receive and work permits indefinitely, in addition to obtaining a residence permit for the husband / wife and children.

Criteria to Apply for a Turquoise Card

Applicants must meet one or more of the following five criteria:

  1. Demonstrate high-level qualifications and skills through education, remuneration, professional knowledge and experience.
  2. Be a high-level investor according to employment, scientific and technological development, or similar characteristics.
  3. Contribute to the development of science and technology, or for the benefit of the country at the international levels in the fields of science, industry and technology.
  4. Contributing to cultural, artistic and sports activities in Turkey.
  5. To contribute to the international assessment of the level of Turkey or Turkish culture through activities that contribute to showing Turkey at a high level internationally.

How to apply for a turquoise card in Turkey

The progress can be made from within Turkey, or abroad and through the legal representation system. If the applicant is already present in Turkey, then he may apply directly to his foreign number. From abroad, application information and documents will be submitted electronically.
The documents required to apply for a turquoise card
• Application form
• passport
• A certificate attested by the relevant public institution to demonstrate the eligibility of the applicant
Depending on the criteria the applicant meets, the following documents should also be provided;
• Foreign diploma, employment contract, appointment resumes, or letter of assignment. These documents should be internationally recognized.
• Investors must show the size of the foreign exchange account, the level of employment, export credit, financial adequacy, business area, sector documents and business.
• The researcher and researcher must include diplomas, academic position, studies, licensing history, and details of any trademark or patented material.
• Cultural, artistic and sports applications need to prove successful at the national or international level.
• Foreigners who contribute to the identification or promotion of Turkish cultures must submit documents showing their participation or internationally recognized status.

How is the turquoise card evaluated?

Applicants will need to score enough points within a specific evaluation system. Officials who judge the request can also obtain opinions from faculty, institutions, and organizations related to the industry or field of expertise based on the applicant’s professional skills.
The evaluation system is based on;
• education level
• Higher educational level of the applicant
• Salary statement
• Seniority of the institution
• Level of experience or professional experience
If the foreigner is applied as a qualified investor, the following points are also recorded;
• Export or employment activity
• Investment activity
• The nature of the region and the business
Movable or immovable property owned in Turkey
• Similar standards that establish their intellectual or industrial rights and qualifications
If the applicant is a scientist or researcher, the scoring is based on;
Academic position
• Participating in national or international institutions in the field of science and technology
Participate in local or international organizations with registered trademarks, patents, trademarks, or licenses
Innovation activities
The evaluation of athletes is based on the national or international achievements of the applicant’s club if he is a sports member with a foreign sports representation. Entrepreneurs must demonstrate recognition of their work and local or international awards.
Likewise, foreigners who contribute to affirming or promoting Turkey or Turkish culture are registered for promotional activities including time, duration, sustainability, continuity, influence, ideas, artworks and activities carried out at the international level.
Note: The Directorate General can make changes to the evaluation systems or establish different classification systems on a regional, sectoral or professional basis.

Is the result of the application guaranteed?

No, rejection can occur for any of the following reasons.
• That the applicant cannot meet the evaluation criteria
• The applicant’s failure to adhere to international labor policy
• The information and documents provided are forged or misleading
Reasons for employment are not sufficient
• The profession of the application provider is limited to Turkish citizens only
• The Ministry of Interior refused permission for the applicant to enter Turkey and obtain an entry visa
• The applicant has been deported or will be deported
Turkey does not have recognized diplomatic relations with the applicant’s home country
• The candidate is not allowed to work due to public order, security, or health problems

What is the transfer time?

The first three years of holding the turquoise card are the transitional period during which a specific specialist monitors the internal and external activities and obligations of the card holder. The specialist in charge also prepares the reports every twelve months in accordance with the criteria set by the General Directorate.

If the designated expert needs any additional information or documents, the cardholder is obligated to provide it within 15 days from the time of the request. In the event of any inconsistencies with the reports, the cardholder has a period of three months to correct it. Or, failure to do so will result in the card being canceled.

Requests for removal of the interim period are made within the last 180 days of the three years. If no application is made, the turquoise card becomes invalid. After agreeing to the end of the three-year transition period, the turquoise card becomes endless.
Turquoise card holders are …

• Exempted from compulsory military service required by law from male Turkish citizens
• They cannot run in the public office
• Are obligated to join the Social Security System in Turkey (SGK)
The applicants will receive the same benefits as the Turkish citizen with regard to residency, travel, work, investment, commercial activity, inheritance, movable and immovable work and bonuses. However, if the law requires a person to become a Turkish citizen, the rights and benefits do not apply. In exceptional circumstances, the turquoise card holder and his relatives can be granted Turkish citizenship if they do not pose a threat to national security, public order, or the transitional period.

Can the turquoise card be canceled or revoked?

If the card holder does not come to Turkey within six months of approval or remains abroad for more than two years in one continuous period without force majeure, the card will be canceled.
Other covered parking …
• The applicant must operate legally
• The applicant does not remain without work for a continuous year
• The applicant should not provide any wrong information or wrong documents
• The candidate should not submit requests for documents or evidence during the transitional period
• The applicant must not have been denied legal permission to enter Turkey or have been deported
• That their work does not lead to the disruption of public order, security or health
The applicant can also submit a request to cancel the card in this case losing its validity.

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